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681499 Dvr John Landy, MM, R.F.A.


John Landy was born on 6 December 1892 in Edge Hill, Liverpool, and baptised at Liverpool St. Anne’s RC church on 1 March 1895.  His father was Daniel Landy (b. 1849 in Vauxhall, Liverpool), a tailor.  His mother was Elizabeth Downey (b. 1855 in West Derby).  Daniel and Elizabeth were Roman Catholics (both were from Irish families) and were probably married in a Catholic ceremony in 1877, though they had their vows confirmed in a further Anglican ceremony in 1880.  They had 8 children, though 2 died in infancy.  The survivors were: Daniel (b. 1878), Albert (b. 1879), James (b. 1884), Kate (b. 1889), Margaret (b. 1891), and finally John.


John was among some 120 men who enlisted in Liverpool in 1915 in the Royal Field Artillery.  They were all posted to “D” Battery of 286 Brigade, which was the Howitzer battery for the Brigade.  They landed in France in February 1917.  You can trace their engagements in the Timelines for 286 Brigade.  John’s Military Medal was announced in the London Gazette in June 1919 suggesting that the gallantry he displayed took place towards the end of the War, perhaps in the Final Advance in Flanders.  John returned to Wavertree after the War and worked as a labourer in the docks.  He never married, and he died in 1979.


John’s brother Daniel also fought in the War.  He joined the Royal Dublin Fusiliers on 18 January 1915 and landed with them at Gallipoli on 19 May 1915, and was wounded in action on 28 June 1915.  He suffered a gunshot wound.  This was not considered serious but he was sent to Alexandria where he reported that he had begun to suffer from chronic rheumatism.  He was sent home to England on 12 November 1915, and discharged as no longer physically fit to serve in May 1916. He died in 1939.

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